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Professional Summary
A motivated, committed and talented actress and singer with strong stage instincts and extensive
formal training. I’m a perfectionist who possesses a solid work ethic which compels me to keep
tweaking an acting part until both me and my colleagues are fully satisfied with my performance. I’m
committed to achieve the highest standard of performance and always willing to listen and learn
from others. I’m energetic, prepared to 'go the extra mile' and am sure to make a real difference to
any project i’m involved in.I have worked with well known directors, actors as well as voice coaches.
During my training and in professional life; such as Rousin Carty , known as the dialect coach of
The Lord of the Rings and schooled the likes of Angelina Jolie, Judi Dench, Scarlett Johansson
and John Malkovich in a dozen television dramas and nearly 30 films, including Casino Royale and
Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven and Rex Doyle , English actor / director , known for Beg ,The
Amazing Adventures of Mr.Bean , My Good Friend.



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