20x20cm mixed media on paper India 2016





The Poetics of Light

Costin Brăteanu is offering the audience, through art work, a special kind of the
painting discourse, technique, poetics. He covers through color compositions that are
structured in a light way, by using the scholarly chosen counterpoint between space and
matter, between solid and dissolute.
The thematic series are oscillating between full and empty, opening an ample
creative territory situated in the proximity of the landscape symbolism. Fields
overwhelmed by the unperceivable presence of the painting fluid, on the search for the
sublime balance between heaven and earth, crepuscular horizons, light garlands which
slightly hit the vegetal meat, coagulating in the polychrome horse ride, filled with
forgotten symbols, the shadows of the suave becoming, the circular arc up in the sky
during the storm evoke a bold, trepidating and also unrepeatable aerated conceptual
construct. Costin has proved to be through each cycle of the painting artwork to be the
absolute creator of the personal credo, escaping daringly into the suave trance of the
comtemplative metaphysics. His artwork, through each painting, thus becomes a portal
window towards the magnificent territories of the imaginary, an infinite heavenly
kaleidoscope, situated beyond the horizon, beyond the sky, in the elysean fields, where
the color becomes light.
A mature artist, a painter whose technique is slightly touching, in addition to the
landscape, the syncretic compositions, he modulates a vast palimpsest which adds to the
collage the relief paste technique, the combinatorics of the frottage, fully making use of
the heritage of the tradition of Romanian embroidery, going through in appropiate dosage
the archetypal geometry of the embroidered traditional shirt, sheepskin coat, he is
building an art discourse in which the compositions are articulating in a compact manner,
and the visionary architecture is making room for floating through an engrossing
catharhic abandonment. Costin Brăteanu has become through his presence as an artist a
remarkable voice in the city on Bega who is gathering to himself through his own
creative reverberation visionary ease, inviting for the festive excursus on the wings of the
dream burg.
Thus behold us around an epiphenomenon which still has to say a lot in the
national and international millieu, inciting, provoking and enthusiastic, polarizes around
it countless exhibitions, colloquiums, series of international camps which fully
demonstrate vigorousness, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Dr. Kelemen Gabriel 2017



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